The Master Path Explained

The DentLit Academy Master Path is the most coveted dental educational experience in North America. These unique 2 Days Hands-On Experiences tend to be sold out within hours of their release. It consists of 3 Modules plus several other complementary courses.

Module 1 is where you should start. learning everything about Adhesion Theory, Tooth Anatomy and Morphology at an embryological level. Understanding why you should or should not prep teeth one way or another based on solid scientific background. And of course, lots of hands-on one-on-one coaching with Dr. Miguel A. Ortiz and Dr. Carlos De Carvalho. Module 2 is what you should pursue once you complete Module 1. This sequence is not mandatory, but it is recommended.

Module 2: The OePic Experience, you will build on the knowledge acquired in Module 1 by learning occlusion, impression techniques, provisionalization (lecture and hands on) and everything you need to know about indirect restorative dental materials. Including a hands-on session for the ages. You will be able to customize, stain, glaze, polish, modify and finish, several restorations made of many different materials.

Module 3 puts it all together and right in from of your eyes. after completing at least module 1, we invite you to come see us live while we apply it all on a real patient right in front of your eyes. from beginning to end. Treatment plan, mock up, preparations, impression, adhesive protocol, try in of restorations, cementation & occlusal adjustments. All live. All in front of you. This course is only offered once a year for a few selected students who are smart enough to sign up as soon as it is announced.