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by Katherine Losada

Make the invisible visible

Why K-Lite ?

Modern dental composites and adhesives contain fluorophores which help in producing better aesthetic results. This gives them a fluo- rescent property.
Under certain wavelengths of illumination ( UV-A 395 to 400nm), these materials can be distinguished from tooth tissue. Therefore, significantly reducing risk of iatrogenic tooth damage when they need to be removed. The K-Lite is a ground breaking dental device that allows:

  1. the removal of excess or unwanted dental materials such as composites or adhesives. Some of the examples include orthodontic brackets, attachments and retainers, residual cements etc.

  2. its use in dental trauma (Splint) and/or in the so-called Fluorescence-assisted Identification Technique (FIT).
    These two objectives were the motivation for the author to develop and produce the new lamp K-Lite in cooperation with the company Smile Line SA, Switzerland.

  3. It can assist in the identification of certain bacterial byproducts found in plaque, calculus and in infected dentine.

  • Easy and fast use

  • Dual UV and Daylight LEDs

  • Portable - No cable

  • Easy to handle - Light weight